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The Courtiers

Josh Mitchell

Hey Queens! 

You know me from Instagram and Facebook, not to mention the podcast as well! 

I discovered SIX in 2019, I was listening to the cast recording after my friends recommended it to me. I instantly loved the show and created AusQueendom before Ex-Wives had finished playing!

Since then I have seen the Queendom grow as well as AusQueendom, your support has been so amazing! After the Australian tour opened in 2020 things really began to get exciting! 

After seeing the Aussie cast a few times, I headed off to New York. Here I met Toby, Lucy, Jamie, Carrie-Ann and a whole lot of producers and other people involved with SIX around the world. 

On the same day The Queendom Podcast was born. I still remember sitting in my hotel room recording the first episode hoping what ever I was doing was going to work. 

Sure enough here we are, I am now running two Instagram accounts (@ausqueendom & @thequeendomcast) and recording episodes for the podcast weekly. 

It has been my pleasure getting to know you all and I can't wait to see what else is in store for the future!