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Queens, now is the time!

The last nine weeks have been nothing short of wonderful. We have launched The Queendom Podcast and we have just hit 2000 downloads!

The podcast is all about SIX, from the story behind it to first hand accounts from the amazing people who have been involved with the show. So far we have seen Grace Mouat, Hazel Karooma-Brooker and Alicia Corrales-Connor join us in court!

There is so much more in store for the listeners, with more guest appearances as well has a brand new historical segments coming soon. We are going to be deep diving into Tudor history.

By The Book is going to details the lives of all members of the Tudor family along with the Queens themselves. I am ferociously studying away trying to learn as much as possible to make sure that this is one of the best historical podcasts out there.

If there is something in particular yo would like to learn more about please let me know and I will be sure to try and squeeze it into the cast. Along with the podcast I am also going to try and develop a text book so you can follow along at home with the pictures and words.

Make sure you check out the podcast on the website or check out Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn and anywhere else you can find podcasts!



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