The Start of a Moment

Updated: May 15, 2020

You are here

At the start of a moment.

- Come From Away

We are here. That is the biggest thing I can think of, the word "we". When you think of what is happening right now, everything you feel is shared with potentially millions of others around the world.

Scared, frustrated, worried, unhappy, stressed, nervous. Do those words sound familiar? I have been having this conversation with friends, family and even some of you. This is a completely normal reaction to what is going on in the world.

But do you know what is more powerful than all those words put together? Happiness. That one word is something I know I am struggling with. I recently read an article by Dr. Drama and the following paragraph stuck with me:

Validate – Your feelings are valid!  If you are afraid, that is valid. If you are calm, that is valid. You have permission to feel however you feel. We all must begin from that starting point before being able to take the next steps.

Did that resonate with anyone else? You have permission to feel however you feel! So here we are, feeling what we feel. But what now? Well that's the thing.

Maybe there is nothing now, maybe what you needed to do was allow yourself to sit in that moment, realise what was going on around you and just being able to tell yourself. I am okay. There are also those of us out there that can't sit still, so take your feelings and write, paint, draw, sing, dance, what ever it is that allows you to express your emotion.

Think of it this was, you go to a parking station and take a ticket. You walk into the shops for 4 hours. When you come out you need to validate your ticket to get back out again. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "Josh what do I have to do with a car".

Nothing, this has nothing to do with a car, but follow me if you will. What ever you are affected by right now at this point in time. Whether you wanted it to happen or not it is happening. You have taken the ticket and now we have to do our shopping.

While we are shopping we start collecting things we need to combat this distress and what ever else we are feeling. We build a little survival kit. Then we validate our ticket, validate our feelings and go into a moment of mindfulness.

Then after we pass through everything, we come out the other side. Different than when we went in, but better, stronger and most importantly happier.

So the question I pose to you today Queens is:

What are you doing to be mindful? How are you tackling you ticket?

Go into your day today with a mind of positivity and try and see the good in every situation. I know it is hard, remember WE are going through this together!

If you need to talk to anyone please check out the The Queen's Court on the about page of the site, myself and whole host of other queens have opened our dm's to you all for support!

We are in this together!

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