Welcome To The Court

Hey Queens,

I am really excited to announce, that I have developed a brand new platform for everyone in the Queendom to connect with each other!

The Queendom Online, is going to be the best way to get all your news, updates and more when it comes to the Queendom!

I have been working with fans from all around the world to make this site one of the best experiences for fans and there is still so much more to come!

The blog will consist of posts from myself and fans from around the world sharing their experiences. The Podcast is written and produced by myself and I can not wait to build that up to have some amazing guests through out!

The forum is your place to connect and make your own. Talk about the topics on your mind, as well as getting updates from fans all over about what is happening near them!

You will see we have a great new merch line get released in a few weeks, the designs in the store are created by myself and I will be featuring other designs from other creators later down the track!

If you would like to see any elements on the website or if you have a cool idea please let me know via Instagram (@ausqueendom) and I will be sure to try and make it work!

All in all queens, I hope you enjoy this new platform to connect and I can not wait to see you in court!

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